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Some of the best inland fishing in Australia can be found in the Wimmera and Grampians region of Western Victoria. Most of the waters are controlled by Wimmera and Mallee Water and serve the needs of the domestic and stock water throughout the Wimmera and Mallee.

Fishing in the Grampians

Lake Bellfield
Only four kilometres form Halls Gap, Lake Bellfield provides an excellent location for bank fishing with Redfin and Trout being the predominant species. Internal combustion engines are not permitted on the lake, but rowing and electric powered boats may be used. Camping and accommodation facilities are close by.

Lake Wartook
Another great location for anglers to catch Brown Trout and redfin is the wonderfully picturesque Lake Wartook. A longtime favourite for Trout anglers, whether fishing with artificial fly, spinning or using bait, Lake Wartook is the oldest rural reservoir in Victoria. Fishing off the wall section of the lake is permitted providing comfortable bank fishing. The maximum motor rating for boats is 8Kw (10HP) and a maximum speed of 8km/h applies. There is a boat ramp and camping facilities at nearby Smiths Mill campground.

Fishing in the Wimmera

Lake Fyans
There is excellent fishing at Lake Fyans which is located near Halls Gap and Stawell. The lake is regularly brimming with Rainbow and Brown Trout as well as Redfin. There is a boat ramp and the lake is popular for swimming, skiing and yachting with plenty of room for anglers.

Wimmera River
The beautiful Wimmera River with it's gum tree lined banks provides good fishing and is the venue for a famous fishing competition being the largest and richest of it's type in Australia. The competition is held each Labour Day Long Weekend in March, with a new car being awarded for the heaviest catch.

Dock Lake
Covering an area of 215 hectares, Dock Lake provides excellent fishing for Rainbow Trout and Redfin along with swimming and boating. Situated just north of Green Lake, 10kms from Horsham.

Green Hill Lake
Green Hill Lake, 4kms east of Ararat, covers some 217 hectares and is well stocked with Redfin and good sized Trout. A special feature of the lake is it's canoe channels and there are good waters for skiing and swimming. The northern end is an aquatic playground and contains an abundance of birdlife.

Green Lake
Only 10kms from Horsham, this lake while used for a variety of water sports, is one of the regions most productive native fishing waters. Covering some 174kms, the lake has good fishing for Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Redfin. As well as being ideal for swimming, windsurfing, and water skiing.

Lake Charlegrark
Covering some 40hectares Lake Charlegrark is 25km from Garoke and is renowned for it's Murray Cod fishing, Redfin and Yabbying. The lake is also suitable for boating activities including water skiing and windsurfing.

Lake Hindmarsh
Nearby the town of Jeparit is Lake Hindmarsh, the largest inland freshwater lake in Victoria providing four miles of beach. Popular for camping and all watersports the lake is also a popular site for fishing.

Lake Lonsdale
While being relatively shallow, Lake Lonsdale has a large surface area and during the wetter years has good fishing for Redfin and Trout. The lake provides water for the Wimmera Mallee Channel system and can be dry for long periods of time.

Lake Wallace
Situated in the town of Edenhope, Lake Wallace is considered one of the best flyfishing waters in the Wimmera as well as providing good fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout, Redfin and Tench. The lake is also popular for yachting, boating, water skiing and swimming.

Natimuk Lake
A nature lover's paradise the lake is popular for all kinds of water activities and provides the prospect of Trout, Redfin and Yabbies. On the western side Mt. Arapiles provides an attractive backdrop for a plenitude of wildlife, which includes the rare freckled duck, pelicans, spoonbills, cranes and many more. The lake is subject to low water levels during some summer periods.

Pine Lake
Pine Lake is part of the Wimmera - Mallee water supply system and covers an area of some 734 hectares. There are wonderful opportunities for Brown and Rainbow Trout throughout the year as well as good yabbying in the summer.

Rocklands Reservoir
Located at the base of the Black Ranges, the Rocklands Reservoir was built in 1953 to feed the Wimmera/Mallee Stock and Domestic Supply Scheme. The dam wall is over 100 ft high and 70ft thick and rises some 66ft above the river bed. The reservoir supplies farms in an area covering 11,000 square miles and is carried along earthen channels for some 6900 miles. A popular fishing spot where Redfin are the predominate fish. The majority of the fish are taken by boat, fishing around trees with bait such as worms, gudgeon and yabbies or by spinning in open waters.

Taylors Lake
Situated 18kms from Horsham, Taylors Lake was once regarded as the most popular Murray Cod waters in Victoria. The lake is used for boating, water skiing, and swimming, and provides good fishing for Redfin, and Golden Perch.

Toolondo Reservoir
A short distance south of Horsham, Toolondo Reservoir is a fisherman's paradise with catches of Giant Brown and Rainbow Trout and Redfin for the taking. The lake covers an area of 1,444 hectares and is also popular for swimming and boating activities.

Rivers and Streams

Throughout the Wimmera area there are many rivers and streams which provide wonderful fishing opportunities. In The Grampians National Park there is the MacKenzie River and Fyans Creek and near Dadswells Bridge Mount William Creek.

Fishing Regulations in the Grampians National Park

All persons over 16 years of age (except licenced master fisherman, holders of an old age, invalid, TPI or war service pension) who take or attempt to take fish from Victorian Inland Waters must possess an amateur fishing licence. Licences are available from Department of Conversation and Natural Resources Offices or local Sport Stores.

Further Information:

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Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:

Grampians National Park Visitors Centre - Halls Gap Ph: (03) 5356 4381
Horsham Office - McLachlan St pH: (03) 5381 1255
Cavendish Office - Cadden St Ph: (03) 5574 2308

Wimmera Mallee Water - Horsham (03) 5362 0200

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